TianJin Hessing Tech Equipment Co., Ltd.
TianJin Hessing Tech Equipment Co., Ltd.
TianJin Hessing Tech Equipment Co., Ltd.
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Company Profile

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TianJin Hessing Tech Equipment Co., Ltd is a high technology enterprise,a solution provider who integrating R&D, design, manufacture, sales and service. Since established in 2003, we have been focusing on the R&D and improvement of automatic galvanizing equipments, and meticulously perfecting machinery and automatic process details. In order to meet the individual needs of customers, we also produce steel pipe processing equipments, such as automatic packaging machines, automatic threading machines, pipe straighten machines, etc. We are widely trusted by customers.
We are located in Daqiuzhuang, Tianjin, which is a well-known northern steel production basement in China. We take great care of to understanding every aspect of customers' requirements, and keep updating our equipments and services. We take big majority of pipe galvanizing equipment market share in China, roughly 80%, we have been accumulating a large amount of production process data, absorbing advanced and practical technical experience, growing up in solving various practical production problems for customers who are willing to give us long-term trust. As of December 2020, including projects under design and installation, our company has provided a total of about 300 sets of hot-dip galvanizing equipments (Including 100+ full galvanizing line and 200+ modificaiton update project) for all well-known domestic steel pipe plants, our market covered more than 20 provinces in China.
In 2018, the export business of galvanizing equipments was launched. For now, our projects are available in Russia, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Our equipments are featured as: large output, high automation and precision, low consumption, and timely service. Customers consider us as the expert team and specialised suppliers for their modification and expansion projects. .
We have developed a series of professional equipments with high degree of automation, reliable and simple operation. The main equipments are divided into three categories:
1.  Hot-dip galvanizing Line/ solution:
1.1.  Steel pipe hot-dip galvanizing production line:
1.1.1 Pretreatment and Drying facilities; 
1.1.2 Zinc Pot and Heating System;
1.1.3 Auto-Galvanizing Main Machine;
1.1.4 Auto-Packing Line; 
1.1.5 Discharge/emission treatment equipments
1.2 Guardrail Auto Galvanizing Line:
1.3 Rebar/Profile Steel Auto Galvanizing Line
1.4 Auto Centrifugal Galvanizing Line
1.5 General Crane jobbing Galvanizing Line
2. Steel pipe deep processing equipments
2.1 Auto Pipe Threading Machine
2.2 Hydrostatic Tester
2.3 Pipe Straightener
2.4 Auto Pipe Packing/strapping Machine
2.5 End facing / chamfering machine 
3. Galvanizing equipments parts:
Zinc Kettle/Pot; Zinc pump; Zinc dross grab; liquid zinc insulation tank (液态锌保温罐), Magnetic roll; Conveying roll; Star wheel shaft; Marking Machine; Inner Blow valve.
Applicable standard:
Relevant standards for Chinese and International galvanized products:
China National Hot-dip Galvanizing Standard Environmental Emission Standard
U.S. National Hot-dip Galvanizing Standard Environmental Emission Standard
European Union Hot Dip Galvanizing National Standard Environmental Emission Standard
Other countries National hot-dip galvanizing standards Environmental emission standards

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