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    Hessing’s equipment is capable for galvanizing round pipe Φ20—Φ325mm, square and rectangle pipe 20X20—200X200mm. To meet the special demand of customers, we also manufactured a few sets of big galvanizing line for pipe Φ377mm.

    The equipment is featured with high automation. The discharge of process waste can meet the international standards.


    Product List


    Automtic galvanizing plant for pipes


    Galvanizing Flow

    Automtic galvanizing plant for pipes

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    Main Equipment


    1. Pretreatment Equipment

    ○ Apply the latest material and technology,which according to the latest environment srequirement.

    ○ All the facilities are treated for by acid proof.

    ○ The enclosed house is always under negative pressure.

    ○ Automatic collaboration with the scrubber system.

    ○ The work parts move automatically following the process inside the enclosure.


    2. Drying Equipment

    ○ Alleviate the zinc blasting, reduce the zinc consumption.

    ○ Make full use of the recycled heat. The work pieces will be pre-heated to the proper temperature before entering into the zinc kettle, then the dipping time inside the zinc kettle is reduced.

    ○ Adopt hot air circulation blower, even temperature is achieved inside the draying chamber.



    3. Combustion Heating Equipment

    ○ Advanced furnace heat transfer design which used in more than 200 sets of galvanizing production line.

    ○ Excellent insulation, fuel saving.

    ○ Even temperature inside the heating chamber, even heating of the zinc kettle extends the using life.

    ○ Sensible response to temperature adjustment, high efficiency and economical.

    ○ Easy and convenient operation of zinc kettle change, low maintenance cost.



    4. Zinc Kettle

    ○ The kettle plate is low carbon and low silicon which is corrosion proof to liquid zinc.

    ○ High welding quality, the lift time of the welding seam is longer than the mother steel plate.

    ○ A variety of different zinc kettle shapes and steel plate thicknesses available, the geometry dimension is accurate for each zinc kettle.


    5. Gear Disk Type Galvanizing Machine

    ○ The gear disk is designed with different teeth and gear change for different speed, the galvanizing coating thickness can be controlled as wish easily.

    ○ The machine is suitable for a wide variety of different pipe sizes (diameters and length)

    ○ High automation and easy operation


    6. Pulling-out and Pulling-upward Equipment

    ○ The magnetic roll has big force to absorb the pipes out of the zinc kettle, and hold them moving smoothly.

    ○ It suits the production of multiple pipes at a time, the separator ensures right location of each pipe, the whole set of equipment can run stable and long-term.

    ○ The spacing of the rollers are well designed, the roller surface is smooth, the roller rotation is even, the galvanizing layer shows good surface quality.


    7. Inner Blow Equipment

    ○ Inner blow is done by moving rod, most of the liquid zinc attached on the inner pipe is blew out, and back to the zinc kettle for reuse. Only small amount is vaporized as zinc ash. The inner blow produces with low noise.

    ○ The pipe clamping is done by electromagnetic absorbing which decreases the scratches of the pipe surface.

    ○ Inner blow for one single pipe, as well for multiple pipes simultaneously.


    8. Water Cooling

    ○ Automatic Water falling device,steel pipes are conveyed into water in sequence.

    ○ Automatic eliciting device,steel pipe are elicited out of water in sequence.


    9. Color Belt and Logo Marking Equipment

    ○ Alternative color belt painting equipment for customer’s option. Printer(magnetic color belt frame type)can paint 1 pipe a time, there are no limitation of the pipe diameter. Point topping printer is suitable for multiple pipes one time which is suitable to smaller pipe diameter.

    ○ Satisfying the demands of single color of single belt and multiple colors of multiple belts.

    ○ Spray printing type and roller marking type for option.

    ○ Clear marking, adjustable content , and convenient operation.


    10. Passivation Equipment 

    ○ Automatic passivation equipment, the passivation chemical can be cycle used, safety and environmental protection

    ○ Chain type drying , The passivation film is firm and stable.


    11. Automatic Packing Equipment

    ○ Automatic packaging equipment ,can meet different types of packaging shape(square/hexagonal/other shapes), reduce labor intensity.

    ○ Choose different packaging transmission mode (vertical or horizontal) which can match different sites.


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